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Learn the secrets of skincare from Korean women – discover the rejuvenating benefits of facial massage

Facial massage is one of the key elements of the daily beauty routine of Asian women, and it ranks right next to applying their favourite cream. Recently, this natural and extremely effective rejuvenating trick has stormed its way to Europe and it is continuously gaining more and more fans. We will present you with the beneficial effects of facial massage and show you how to do it to achieve the greatest benefits for your skin.

Korean women – they have mastered facial massage to perfection

Apparently, you need just 5 minutes a day to notice a change in the appearance of the skin in just a few weeks. In combination with a nourishing cream, facial massage allows you to make your skin radiant, rested and firm, all in a fully natural way. But there is more to it than that. Just look at the radiant faces of Korean women, who are proud to present the results of their beauty tricks.

In Asia, this secret has been passed by women from generation to generation, and we in Europe have to learn this method from scratch. Therefore, even if you think that including facial massage in your daily beauty routine requires a lot of effort and that you will need to stick to complex instructions (which is not true!) – let us briefly present you with a simple self-massage technique, and you'll soon be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Massage smooths the skin, but not only...

Due to stress, the muscles of the entire body become tense – the same applies to the muscles of the face. The only difference is that tense muscles for example of the back are not visible, while those on the face leave marks in the form of facial lines. Have you ever wondered why forehead wrinkles run horizontally, and those between the eyebrows are vertical?

Well, this is the due to the arrangement of ten facial muscles – wrinkles occur in the area where muscles are connected with one another, and muscles of the face are connected directly with the skin. Along with facial expressions, the space between muscles collapses to form expression lines and wrinkles, which get gradually deeper with age. By massaging those tensed areas, you strengthen the muscles and reduce the gap between them. This simple step can “delay the body clock”. So, you only need to strengthen the muscles, and massage, just like a workout, strengthens the muscles of the entire body – it will make your face smooth and full of vital radiance for an extended period.

Apart from beauty care, massage plays an important role in promoting your well-being. Touch, also in the form of self-massage, is a source of pleasure and triggers endorphins – and as we all know happiness hormones cause the feeling of relaxation and reduce tension. In this way, massage performed in the evening, after a hard day, is an excellent relaxation technique.

7 reasons why you should perform facial massage

Regular massage of the face, combined with using an intensive rejuvenating cream, brings a number of benefits – the results are comparable to those achieved with the use of anti-ageing treatments. So, what’s the difference? You can perform a massage in the comfort of your own home, and you can be sure that it won’t strain your budget. Additionally, the effects will be much better, because they will be achieved in a fully natural way. Here are the 7 benefits of using a duo – cream + massage:

  1. It facilitates the penetration of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin – as a result, the treatment with the use of your favourite cream is more effective
  2. It stimulates blood and lymph circulation – the skin regains its healthy tone, is perfectly radiant and beautiful
  3. It reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes – your complexion is brighter, and the face is rested
  4. It visibly reduces wrinkles and expression lines, perfectly smoothing the skin – strong skin equals strong muscles – and the other way round. This combination makes the body clock slow down a bit
  5. It has firming and rejuvenating properties – gravity ceases to be your no. 1 enemy – the collagen scaffolding is reinforced, so slack skin regains its density
  6. It shapes your facial contours – flabby skin on the chin recovers its firmness and regular shape
  7. It lifts the corners of the mouth and raises the eyelids – the bright look will make your features look younger, and your whole face will be more serene.

Do you have 5 minutes to spare during the day? That’s just enough!

A morning routine allows you to get rid of puffiness under the eyes, reduces swelling of the skin after a night’s sleep and facilitates the absorption of the cream. How to do it? Take some cream with your finger tips and apply it around the eyes, patting it in – start from the outer corner of the eye, through the upper eyelid, to the inner corner of the eye. Repeat it several times. It will take you just 50 seconds, and you’ll be able to start a new day with a bright and refreshed look.

However, it is best to perform longer and more comprehensive massage of the whole face during your evening care routine, while applying a night cream. How to prepare the skin for this mini-treatment? After thoroughly cleansing the skin and using a skin tonic, apply an intensive rejuvenating cream onto the entire face, so that a soft film is left on the skin – it will be the basis for the massage. Such a 2-stage treatment, combined with an intense rejuvenating cream, will work wonders, bringing better results. Wondering what cream to choose? It’s important that the cream should contain many nutrients, preferably natural, with proven rejuvenating properties – we like the cream with snow alga the most.

Perform facial massage in 4 steps

STEP 1 Massage your temples and the area around the jaw with circular movements – this will stimulate the microcirculation of the skin.

STEP 2 Massage the forehead with large circular movements, starting from the eyebrows up to the base of the hair. Then make a dynamic movement as though you gently stretched the skin of the face to the sides.

STEP 3 Massage your chin and cheeks with an uninterrupted, continuous, movement – starting from the bottom, moving up towards the eyes – that is, in the opposite direction to gravity. Try to make the movements intense, but not excessively so, in order to avoid stretching the skin.

STEP 4 Gently press your jaw, it’s best to do it with pulsing movements – this is the area where tension is often accumulated, especially if you suffer from stress on a daily basis.