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Black face mask - skin beauty routine

Clogged pores, blackheads, imperfections – these are the problems which rob many of us of our sleep. The fight against them often does not produce the desired results, and you often end up with irritated skin. Is this a problem, which can only be resolved by a dermatologist?

In some cases, professional help is necessary. But, the reviews of this product are extremely promising! The cosmetics market finally has an offer for busy women who can’t devote much time to skin care. We are talking about a so-called black mask, which has recently become extremely popular.


Black mask and its various properties

Skin care with the use of activated carbon has been conquering the cosmetics market for a few months. Internet users quickly picked up a trend of posting on-line video reviews, showing how they put on and take off the black purifying mask. Why such interest in an ordinary blackhead remover mask?

What struck most people at the beginning was the unusual texture and application method of the product. The mask is not the easiest one to use, and while taking it off you can hear an ominous cracking sound. So, let’s first learn more about the skin care mask with active carbon.

Speaking of active carbon and the products developed on its basis, we can identify two types of masks. Namely a classic “tear-off” mask and a slightly less popular one which can be made at home – in liquid form. This milder variant of the black mask is especially recommended for sensitive skin prone to irritation.

If you want to do it yourself, all you need to do is go to a pharmacy and buy capsules with active carbon. Then, simply mix their content with a selected emollient (e.g. coconut oil). You can be sure that the cleansing carbon peel does not irritate your skin. Such a home spa treatment will allow you to save money, which you would otherwise need to spend at a beauty parlour.


How to use it?

Before the skin cleansing treatment with the use of a black mask, you should remember to open your pores. The best way to do that is by using a bowl of hot water. Vapour coming out of it opens your pores, and then the mask easily cleanses them, removing impurities. Only then can you apply a black mask, making sure not to use your fingers for this purpose, but a special spatula (you can get it at any pharmacy).

It is incredibly hard afterwards to get rid of mask residues from your fingers. Once you’ve applied it on your face, leave it on for about 25 minutes. Then, remove it from your face. This is by far the least pleasant moment, but there is no reason to exaggerate. Just remember to be careful when tearing off its subsequent parts.

Note: pay attention not to apply the cleansing black mask on your eyebrows or areas susceptible to irritation. The mask also removes small hairs from your face.

Although blackheads and other imperfections are the bane of most of us, after all we are dealing with an inexpensive product which we can use to fight for a beautiful complexion. If you like preparing cosmetics yourself, you can simply spend a free weekend evening to offer your skin a home spa treatment. This weekly skin care routine will most certainly make your skin look great.