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PERLE BLEUE Active Retention Age ​2

2 years of Perle Bleue – 2 years of joint creation of beauty

The anniversary of Perle Bleue

This summer Perle Bleue celebrates its second anniversary. Perle Bleue is a youth activator created for people who appreciate the harmony of beauty hidden inside and outside. One is needed for the other – they are complementary. The wide range of activities of the Perle Bleue helps to stop the time, thus to feel physically attractive and experience the second youth from the inside. Health and well-being are the most important values for us. We use a holistic approach to aesthetic medicine and the fight against wrinkles. Perle Bleue is more than just a cream in a luxurious jar. It is the philosophy of beautycreated for the external and internal harmony of every human being. Our beauty ritual, developed by specialists, revolutionized the concept of youth and gave it a new meaning. We are glad that for two years we have been helping to bring out beauty and joy by offering our improved treatment.

Perle Bleue – your opinions are the summary of our efforts

Ambassadors of Perle Bleue

Opinions about Perle Bleue it is a source of many positive emotions:

The author of a cosmetics blog Cosmetics from the inside says:

"(...) I managed to find the face cream, which is satisfactory for me on many levels. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin, gives it a healthy shine and additionally helps prevent aging of the skin.

"I love using this treatment and I'm sure I will order this anti-wrinkle cream again" – an opinion found in Cosmetics revolution

Perle Bleue is a new generation of cosmetics , which recognizes the needs of every skin, even the most demanding one. Opinions of bloggers, customers, telephone thanks and distinctions in the press all over the world motivate us to work and develop our products. We want to give beauty to people all over the world.

The effects that can be achieved with a systematic use of the cream are so spectacular that within two years of the brand's presence, millions of people from as many as 23 countries benefited from treatment with the Perle Bleue cream. Our formula of youth is sold on many continents, where it tops products of the competition, which no longer have monopoly on the markets.

Perle Bleue – for the eternal beauty

Woman 50+ perle bleue

The cream not only prevents wrinkles, but also smoothes the exisitng ones, reaching to their source. Thanks to this action, it stimulates self-regeneration processes. The secret of Perle Bleue lies primarily in its crystal clearness, i.e. Snow Algae, which penetrates deep into the skin cells to ensure proper hydration and elasticity. Snow Algae, also known as red snow , is popular in cosmetics thanks to its firming properties. In the natural environment it grows deep under the snow and uses the cold to stop its biological clock. This process makes the plant inherently resistant to harmful external factors. In cosmetics, this plant plays an important role - it protects collagen bonds and ensures strong and long-lasting moisturization of the skin. Pearle Bleue is the only brand that uses the properties of snow algae in such a large, concentrated amount.

Comprehensive performance – the key to beauty

Perle Bleue meets the needs of women for whom caring for themselves does not end with basic activities, but with acting from within. Biotechnological methods were used to produce the cream, so that Snow Algae extracts could remain strong and the velvety formula would act like a soothing touch. This way our dressing room becomes a home spa.

"Perle Bleue is simply my cream. It meets my requirements in terms of moisturizing effect, and the skin gives the impression as if it was "drinking" it after application."– according to Kate, the author of a readable blog.

Perle Bleue model

The formula of Perle Bleue Active Retention Age for night use contains Dermcom complex, which was based on Crocus chrysanthus extract. This allows cells to regenerate twice as quickly as they sleep and gives the skin an injection of a substance that stops the aging process. Perle Bleue Visage Care Moisturise is a rejuvenating cream designed for daily use. It gently wraps the skin, creating a protective barrier against harmful effects of external factors. Together, both creams create an ultra effective care that has a comprehensive effect on a healthy and beautiful look. Snow algae are rich in nutrients and already at the cellular level protect the skin against external factors and strengthen its collagen layer. The active substances multiply the production of cells that model the face and strengthen the elasticity of the skin. Using Silk Touch technology, the cream gently cares for the skin and does not leave an uncomfortable oily layer. The delicate texture of the cream, which resembles silk to the touch, is also ideal for make-up.

"The skin has become very soft and smooth, almost velvety, which I really like. I also noticed that the skin has become more tight, especially around the eyes and jaw line. This has improved my face's oval a little and I don't look so tired anymore". Marlena Roguska, author of "Nurse's Cosmetics", writes about our formula.

Pearle Bleue - dry skin is a thing of the past.

Perle Bleue treatment

In addition to the main ingredients, the cream also contains trehalose, a multifunctional disaccharide, due to unique properties of which it is suitable for skin care. Trehalose can replace water and after its application on the skin prevents drying out. Trehalose also protects the skin from oxidative stress. The other ingredients in the Pearl Bleue, i.e. chia, jojoba ester, Senegalia senegal penetrate deep into the skin cells, nourish it, firm and ensure vitality to restore the natural look.

Most importantly, Perle Bleue does not contain paraffin, which is so popular in other cosmetics. Perle Bleue rely on natural ingredients combined with a scientific approach to cosmetics and beauty. Shea butter is the second ingredient in the cream composition, which makes the cream so silky smooth. The cream is also enriched with macadamia seed oil, which perfectly heals minor skin damage and sun burns. It is a perfect cream for use not only in winter, but also in summer, when you have to protect it from the sun.

Natural skin tone

Perle Bleue not only reduces wrinkles but also helps to fight discolouration. After applying the cream, the face skin receives a dose of energy, which restores its radiant look. It's almost as if we have gone back in time without aesthetic medicine or any other invasive means to preserve the young skin.

Gen Klotho, hidden in a small jar of Perle Bleue adds energy to ageing cells, restores youthful appearance and radiance, smoothes and firms the skin. Gen was discovered in 1997 by a team of Japanese scientists, an important feature of which is the stimulation of an enzyme responsible for strengthening, nourishing, smoothing the skin and softening the epidermis. Klotho, in mythology was depicted as a goddess spinning the thread of human life, became a symbol of vitality and eternal youth.

Birthday promotion of Perle Bleue

Perle Bleue birthday cake

The second anniversary of the brand, is the perfect time to buy a Perle Bleue cream closed in a luxurious jar at a special price. Only now, especially on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of the cream brand, can you buy it at a discounted price of 189 PLN! This is the perfect time to test this cream on your skin. The price for a cream that has revolutionised the cosmetics market is very tempting. This is half of the value of the cream, which received a great result in the review of an opinion-forming portal – Care Center. To take advantage of this promotion, CLICK HERE. Let yourself be pampered without spending lot of money!

Feel at ease with the home ritual of beauty

Holiday of  Perle Bleue

Pearle Bleue is an absolute must have in every season. The cream makes every woman feel special. A comprehensive treatment protects your skin on many levels from sunlight in the summer, creating a protective shield and reducing discolouration. In winter and autumn, it will protect against frost by wrapping it in a coat. Perle Bleue Formula also protects against exposure to exhaust fumes, hidden chemicals and smog. Let yourself be pampered and have a home-made treatment comparable to expensive spa treatments. Create your own beauty ritual and give your skin the best you can every day. You deserve the highest level of care!